Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Dad Has A Million Sayings..

     Well maybe not quite a million but he has a few. Like, "One thing about a pair of glasses, they make a guy look more intelligent than he really is." I'm not so sure about that one. How intelligent can you be when you walk out of the glasses store after being suckered into spending $700 for reading glasses (and a pair of sunglasses I didn't need) that I could have bought at London Drugs for 20 bucks. What a knob--but they're Ray Bans..

    Anyway, another one of his classics is, "The harder you try not to think about bananas, all you end up thinking about is bananas all weekend." The apple definitely doesn't fall very far from the tree because I've suffered from obsessive, scary and unwanted thoughts most of my life and for me that saying is absolutely true. To put it in the modern vernacular which I found in this article, "Trying hard not to think about something almost guarantees that it will pop up in your consciousness." There was also a book written about the topic that I should probably pick up..

    Which brings me to another thought, "Maybe every thought I ever had was wrong".. Most of them anyway.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mom Can You Fill Up The Pool Today?

    When I was a kid there seemed like no greater summer fun than when Mom filled up this silly little plastic pool they bought at Simpson Sears (way better than running through the sprinkler). We were the only family on the block that had one so it was quite a big deal--all the kids would come over to cool off. I remember the smell of the water as Mom would stick the garden hose in it in the morning and we had to, "Wait till it warmed up a bit" until we could use it. The bubble burst (and the side of the pool) when Ross Fullbrook took a running slide into it--instant heartbreak. We never got another one but I do remember being super jealous of  kids that had one of those giant above ground pools.

     I think there was "boys" and "girls" turn..

Sis and I cooling down pre-pool..

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