Thursday, December 27, 2007


    Christmas is over and I'm feeling depressed,
    Can't find the strength to even get dressed.
    Burned out from all the holiday"cheer,"
    The parties, eating, vodka and beer 
    Sink full of dishes and wrap on the floor, 
    The whole thing seems like one giant chore.
    It's nice to spend time with family and friends,
    But its time for the  'fun' to end.
    Make it through New Years, I might hunker down,
    Couch and a movie, try not to drown.
    Another years ended, a new one rolls in,
    Still waiting for my life to begin... 

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


   Understanding that legions of fans are eagerly anticipating my next blog, I would love to entertain all of you with my compelling thoughts and ideas with daily postings. However due to my somewhat limited writing and typing skills, this is turning out to be a lot more like homework than I thought and feelings of guilt ensue. In light of this recent development I may have to limit my postings to, "When I get around to it... " Blogging also restricts the time I can spend on Facebook, Youtube, Plenty of Fish (entertainment only), Limewire, iTunes, and all the other mind numbing internet surfing I'm addicted to(let's not forget my old friend television). Being new to this, there is a certain satisfaction when the photo is uploaded and the "Blog is published", but I'm not certain I can commit my Smirnoff soaked brain to daily doses of thought and creativity. This inconsequential bit of chicken scratch took an hour and a half...
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